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Make 2018 your

most awesome year yet with the:

I’m not talking about goals.

Goals are fun.


Goals are cute.


But I’m not looking to just achieve some goals in 2018,

I am looking to SLAY AT LIFE

What about you?

Happiness has LESS to do with achieving goals, and MORE to do with our mental state!–our ability to face life’s challenges and find joy even when nothing is going to plan.
I believe that we have the power to make our life EXACTLY what we want it to be. We just need the tools to do so. In 2017 I created some of these tools and now they are READY for you:

A monthly system for becoming the person you want to be and cultivating attributes that help you feel your awesome.

An album of 5 guided-audio gratitude practices you can use daily to unlock the insane (and scientifically proven) benefits of being freaking grateful.

In 2017 I used my own Year of Awesome and I’m Freaking Grateful Gratitude Practices to guide my year and here’s what happened:
  • I tripled my profits
  • Finished off a 40lb weight loss and maintained it
  • Launched a new arm of my business
  • Lived a life truer to my dreams
  • Lessened habitual anxiety
  • Survived loss and helped others close to me
  • Became happier in my day-to-day interactions
  • Developed greater resilience
**And most recently got hit by a car and still managed to launch 2 new products ?

So yes!

I accomplished GOALS, and achieved some good crap, but more importantly I’VE BECOME MORE OF WHO I WANT TO BE.

Who do YOU want to be in 2018?


A monthly system for becoming the person you want to be and cultivating attributes that help you feel your awesome.

What this includes:

  • A digital download of my 12 month Year of Awesome calendar with four size options! HUGE 48x36 or 36x24 wall calendars, MEDIUM 17x11 desk calendars, and a 8.5x11 52-page Calendar Workbook.
  • Inspiration GALORE. The Year of Awesome focuses on one Awesome Attribute per month by suggesting four challenges per month to help you cultivate it. So thats 12 attributes we dive into and 48 challenges you can use ANY TIME to help you dominate and shift your thoughts. Example: Januarys Attribute is Enthusiasm, February is Couragethey are all really good!
  • A mini (exclusive) audio course that introduces you to the Year of Awesome and outlines how to use it, and gives you questions to ask yourself to help you uncover what your real goals and intentions are for this year or ANY TIME!
  • ACCOUNTABILITY through access to my Awesome Empire A-Team Facebook group! Each month I will host a Facebook Live for the A-Team and discuss the Awesome Attribute for the month with a live Q&A. Each week we will post reminders about the weekly challenges to make it easy to act on them (and prizes for people who do!) Youll also find like-minded humans who are interested in building a life they love.

* Bonus An Instructional Printing Video:  a 4-minute video with detailed instructions for printing and using your downloads so youre not freaking confused!

As always I start small so you can act fast and get in on it!

But like, how much does it cost?

 Alison’s Year Of Awesome: $50 Now $25!
Bundle with the Im Freaking Grateful Gratitude Practices and save $20 Now $40!

Ok ok, tell me about the Gratitude Practices.

Im glad you asked!

An album of 5 guided-audio gratitude practices you can use daily to unlock the insane (and scientifically proven) benefits of being freaking grateful.

What this includes:

  • 5 fun voice-guided Gratitude Practices set to original (and awesome) music that can be done in under 20 minutes each!
  • All the Gratitude Practices are set to music specifically created to help change your mental state.
  • Each practice focuses on helping you shift your thoughts to big-picture thinking for greater calm, connection and drive.

Here are the 5 gratitude practices:

  • A gratitude practice to help you love your life! (get a free preview of this here)
  •  A gratitude practice for loving your body!
  • A gratitude practice for when you cant sleep!
  • A gratitude practice for when youre stressed and overwhelmed!
  • A gratitude practice to help you fully own your life!

25+ songs by Pleasant Pictures Music Club (included on the album) you can use to create and do your own gratitude practices without my voice in your ear should you so choose. (Im not even offended!)

And how much does this one cost?

I’m Freaking Grateful Gratitude Practice: $50 Now $25!

Bundle with Alison’s Year of Awesome and save $25 Now $40!

Get the Year of Awesome and the Im Freaking Grateful Gratitude Practices

BOTH for $80 Now $40!

That saves you $40 off the regular price.




Try the Year of Awesome Calendar! It is a seriously easy and seriously effective way to inject some focus, purpose, self awareness, and life into your life! It helped me hold onto a thread of ME while going through my day as MOM. I’m still in here!! Get it! Hang it up! And make actual choices about how you live your life.

Natalie S.

Make this year your most awesome yet and GET THIS DANG DIGGITY CALENDAR!

I gave birth to my first child in 2016 and I became a HOT MESS instead of the HOT MAMA I wanted to be! Then Alison walked into my life and gave me this GLORIOUS calendar. Monthly improvement goals and attainable ways to really change your world.  Her month about mindfulness quite literally CHANGED MY FREAKING UNIVERSE. When the world gets crazy and I’m not sure how I can balance everything, I just take a look at my calendar and I have inspiration to make myself the awesome mama, wife, student, boss lady I am striving to be. If you do nothing else this new year, GET THIS CALENDAR!  Trust me, it will inspire you every day to kick your problems in the boo-tay and learn to be a more awesome version of yourself.

Megan B.

I’m practical and really enjoy the design and themes in the AWESOME calendar series. The ability to print them off in three sizes makes them versatile for families as well. Here’s why I really love them…because they are inspiring and they embrace my biggest belief in life that we are here to better ourselves. It serves as a reminder to do better, to be better, and on our toughest days, it just seems to comfort us with awesome reminders.


Alison really understands what makes a person act and FEEL awesome! As each month ended, I found myself excitedly awaiting the next attribute. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed or bogged down by negativity, or by misconstruing positives for negatives, so the calendar gives you a prompt and a place to start. By breaking it down, each attribute is manageable and absolutely awesome!

Melissa B

Sometimes we need reminders that amidst all the yuck there’s a lot of AWESOME and I think your calendars help us keep that perspective. It’s a great example of being yourself to find your own version of happy. We all need some more of that. I also find it crazy useful for raising teenagers. They need all the positive enlightenment they can get as they reach out from their screen-filled world and try to make real connections to real people. And I feel like a lot of your suggestions and advice is geared towards positive self-talk and making connections to the people around you. Love it.


I don’t even know where to start with how big my love for this calendar is. I feel like a different person than I was in January because I’ve learned and grown and focused on specific things and challenges assigned every month and week. My New Years resolution for 2017 was to be my best self- body, mind, and soul. This is something that kept me on track all year and I feel like I can happily say I accomplished my goal!

Logan S.

My favorite weekly theme was “What Went Well?” This has really helped me to flip and adjust my thought process to not focus on something that didn’t go exactly as I wanted it to, but instead focus on WHAT WENT WELL! It has helped me recenter and of course the more positive energy you can bring into your life the more you can share with those around you, and as Alison always says SHARING IS CARING. I love, love this and it has been so valuable!

Erika R.



I LOVE the gratitude practice, specifically the breathing exercises.  Just like Alison describes, they help give my anxious brain something extremely effective to focus on and it allows me to keep my “orb of power” … to myself instead of giving it away.


I wanted to share my testimony (more like shout!) on how much I love your gratitude practice. Not only are the words filling my mind with gratitude, but the music is absolutely fantastic. You don’t find a combo like that anywhere else. I was struggling with postpartum depression after having my first beautiful baby boy. We had just moved away from family and my husband was in school ALLLLL day long, leaving me very lonely, and very ungrateful for our circumstances. The gratitude practice has CHANGED MY LIFE. I listen to it every morning when I run, and I am. So. Freaking. Grateful. I am happy to say I am happier, healthier, and more grateful than ever.


There are so many things I want to say about your gratitude practice, but nothing sums it up more perfectly than I’M FREAKING GRATEFUL. Honestly. I came back across your gratitude practice episode after hitting a really rough patch in my life…Everyday felt like a battle that I was losing to anxiety and panic attacks. Almost halfway through the practice I felt this sense of relief. I was finally just in the present and really taking stock of everything I have to be absolutely over the moon grateful for. And that changed everything for me. Now, whenever I feel my anxiety starting to try to take the driver’s seat I will just take a deep breath and start listing the things I’m freaking grateful for, Thank you for sharing this amazing, life changing practice.

Victoria A.

I always knew that gratitude is important to happiness. I didn’t realize how much control I had over that power until I tried Alison and Eric’s gratitude practice… I can’t tell you the impact this has made in my life, my family, and my personal happiness. Plus it’s just so fun to do! I laugh, I cry, and I love the world a little better because of it.

Lauren S.

Your gratitude practices are especially valuable to me when I’m feeling overwhelmed or when I feel like I have a lack of control of my life. Your practices allow me to have a moment where I focus on all the amazing things happening in my life and get rid of thoughts that are holding me back from being freaking awesome.

Brooke E

The gratitude practice is the easiest and fasted way to turn my attitude around.  I like to do it on walks and I can feel myself walking faster just from the uplifting power of it.  The best part is feeling grateful for things that are going to happen. Good things happen all the time and I like feeling grateful for all the future awesomeness that is going to happen in my life.

Sarah G.

The gratitude practice has helped me more than any medication or any therapy ever could. It helped me get to know myself and appreciate all that I have. I’ve finally allowed myself to be happy with what I have, who I am, and the things I’ve done. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


It’s never to late to BUILD A LIFE YOU LOVE!


How do I print the calendar for the Year of Awesome?

Alison’s Year of Awesome comes with a PDF printing guide and an instructional video to help you with printing! The large calendars can be printed at Staples for anywhere from $1.50-$7 a page (depending on store and size), and the smaller sizes you can do on your own printer! The Year of Awesome will be sent to you immediately on purchase as a download with four different sizes so you can choose which will work best with your budget and life!

**BREAKING NEWS One Year of Awesome A-Team member says, “I print through and it is the BEST! The 24×36 is .60 per page, and 36×48 is 1.20 per page. It takes 4-5 days to get to me since they are on the east coast and I’m on the west, but I print sewing patterns through them and the quality is always perfect.  (Shipping is $7, no matter how much you order).” So we haven’t tried that yet but we are excited to!!!

Is the 2018 Year of Awesome different than the 2017 Year of Awesome?

The 12 monthly attributes and MOST of the 48 challenges are the same as 2017! I did this because I carefully selected the attributes and challenges the first time, and believe in their power! I’m excited to refocus on them and hope you are too! I updated any challenges that I thought could be more effective. 2018 includes the addition of the Awesome Empire A-Team Facebook Group, the 52-page notebook with Done Is Fun pages, and the 35-minute audio training! The Facebook Group will be getting downloadable quotes and weekly reminders too! So yes, lots of the same great stuff that I KNOW works, but tons of new things too for even greater impact.

Who are these products intended for?
The Year of Awesome and the I’m Freaking Grateful Gratitude Practices are intended for HUMANS who want to feel as awesome as they are. And humans who want to have fun while doing it. If you believe you are the hero and not the victim of your story (or want to) and that you can build a life you love, they are JUST FOR YOU.
They are not gender, age, or career specific. Are you a mom wanting to be your best self? Then these are for you! Are you an entrepreneur hoping to take your business to the next level? You’re gonna freaking love these! Are you a student trying to not have a breakdown with all the work you have to do? Hope aboard baby!
Please note these are for awesome educational purposes only. No information presented here or in products is intended to diagnose or treat any physical or mental illness or condition. In fact if you need to see a doctor I’m the first person who wants to give you encouragement and permission to!

Still have questions? We’d love to hear from you